Our goal is to accelerate beneficial electrification - projects with kitchen-table benefits like comfort or savings, in addition to climate benefits.

Electrification is important. Our mission is to make it easy.

What we believe

We need to electrify, ASAP.

There’s no realistic path to net zero without home electrification. Most of the appliances that are central to modern life consume natural gas, propane, gasoline, or fuel oil. We rely on them to heat our homes, to cook our food, and to wash and dry our clothes. We need to make this consumption sustainable by replacing them with systems that consume clean electricity instead, by the hundreds of millions.

But electrification isn’t inevitable.

Electrification is often talked about as inevitable. We don’t think that’s the case. Replacing a major system is a “kitchen table” decision. People weigh important factors beyond climate impact - including comfort cost, up front and over time.

To go faster, it needs to be easy and affordable.

Making these decisions is hard. Evaluating what to buy, what is reasonable to pay, and who to trust to install it involves navigating a ton of bad information and complexity. Most people don’t have the time or technical background to do this well. This inefficient purchasing process also imposes costs on the contractors who install these systems - many struggle to survive.

Our mission is to make it happen.

We build products we believe are “win-win-win” - for homeowners, for contractors, and for the planet.

We are Pearl Edison

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Our Partners

We are proud to be trusted by enterprise, government, and community leaders.

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