It’s time to electrify.

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Why Pearl Edison

We make it easy and affordable to upgrade your home.

You can improve your comfort, lower your bills, and reduce your emissions, and. We handle the hard parts - save time and skip the stress.

It only takes five minutes to get started.


We deliver a clear, transparent estimate in minutes. Don’t wait days or weeks for good advice.


We use software to design a system that will keep you comfortable and reduce your bills. Then, you'll work with an expert advisor to customize and finalize your design.


We guarantee your quote - no upselling, no surprises. Then, we search for cash discounts, rebates, incentives, and financing you're eligible for, to lower your price.


We’re responsible for your project end to end, and we only work with qualified, rigorously vetted contractors. We’re with you all the way.
How It Works

The right system, at the right price, from the right contractor - right away.

You get an instant estimate via Pearl Edison Concierge.

It shouldn’t take weeks of research and haggling to figure out if a home upgrade fits your budget.

You provide information about your home and goals. We give you an instant estimate for a system that will keep you comfortable and lower your bills, and find all of the discounts, rebates, and incentives that you’re eligible for.

You work with a Pearl Edison Expert to finalize your design.

We’re transparent about your options, so you can make an informed choice.

Our platform presents you with multiple design options, and our expert advisors will help you evaluate them.

A Pearl Edison Contractor installs your new system.

It can be hard to figure out which contractors to trust.

When you’re ready to move forward, we select a contractor to complete the job. Only licensed, qualified, thoroughly-vetted contractors are allowed to join the Pearl Edison platform.

Homeowner Testimonials

Just ask a friend.

Julianne went electric to add efficient air-conditioning.

“Pearl Edison has been so great to work with! They are communicative and helpful through what could be a very complicated process. They make it simple and easy. They are also responsive to your particular needs. I would recommend working with them!”

Price after rebates
Reduction in annual utility bills
Reduction in energy consumption

Julianne L.

Detroit, MI

Go electric now.

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