made easy.

We use software to design the right heating and cooling system for your home, then pair you with an expert. Leveraging deep experience making homes more energy efficiency, we make it less stressful to upgrade yours.

Step one

You get an instant estimate via Pearl Edison Concierge.

Get a recommended system design, a detailed, transparent estimate that includes all of the rebates and incentives you’re eligible for, and an estimate of the impact on utility bills and carbon footprint - all in about five minus. You can compare your options and customize your design, all online.

(1) We learn about your home and priorities.

We review third-party property data and your input to understand the details that impact your system design - your home, your floor plan, your current heating and cooling system, weatherization, and more.

(2) We estimate your heating and cooling load.

This tells us how much capacity your system needs to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer, to ensure that we recommend a system that will keep you comfortable. Most contractors don’t take this step - you’ll be glad that we do.

(3) We design your system.

Our proprietary software platform evaluates all viable design, equipment, and weatherization options based on price, bill impact, and energy savings. We make a recommendation, and present your options - the choice is yours.

Step two

You work with a Pearl Edison Expert to finalize your design.

Once you’ve reviewed your instant estimate, we pair you with an advisor and assign a BPI-certified professional responsible for your new system. Your advisor will answer your questions, verify details, and finalize your quote. Then, our building science team quality-checks your system design.

(1) We complete your home assessment.

You can submit photos or schedule a home assessment - virtual or live.

(2) We finalize your system design and quote.

Our building science team reviews your design to ensure quality. Once this is complete, we guarantee your price - no upselling, no haggling, no surprises.

(3)When you’re ready, we’re ready.

We move at your speed. Once you’ve made a decision, you place a deposit and we get to work.

Step three

A Pearl Edison Contractor installs your new system.

(1) We select your contractor.

Only licensed, qualified, thoroughly-vetted contractors are allowed to join the Pearl Edison platform. We handle everything - HVAC / Mechanical, Electrical, and Weatherization - so you don’t need to coordinate multiple contractors.

(2) We manage your project end to end.

We are responsible for every aspect of your project, through installation. We work with you to finalize timing, then run through the details of your job during a project kickoff meeting with your technician.

(3) We’re accountable.

We follow up to ensure that you’re comfortable. If there’s a problem, we’ll make it right.

Install-ready jobs - just send a tech.

Once you're approved to join the Pearl Edison network, we send you fully-contracted, fully-designed jobs - at no cost. We provide robust documentation, so you can plan your bid and plan the install.

Step one

You join the Pearl Edison contractor network.

We only work with the best. That’s good for homeowners, but it also ensures that you don’t compete with unqualified contractors.

Step two

We send you install-ready jobs.

We send you fully designed projects for fully contracted customers. We share detailed project documentation - a load calculation, design, scope of work, and photos - so you can easily price and plan the install.

Step three

You get paid.

When the job is complete, we pay you for your work. You’ll receive what you’re owed in days - whether or not we’ve been paid by the homeowner.